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Your Posture & Activity Coach ZIKTO

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Coaches your movement with correct gait and posture. ZIKTO Corporation is a startup that researches, manufactures and sells the wearable device (smart band) named ‘ZIKTO Walk’—a smart band that is worn to analyse and provide coaching for the correction of the user's gait. We created images and videos that would thoroughly convey ZIKTO Walk's advanced technological features to users in an uncomplicated fashion. We also created a responsive website in order to provide optimized content dependent on the device on which users access the site.

  • Create images and video optimized for ZIKTO Walk

    ZIKTO commenced business less than one year ago so in order to effectively address the difficulties that users may have in terms of new technology we produced contents depicting the measurement of ‘four non-ideal gaits’ around ZIKTO Walk’s main functions. After collective discussions on how to make technological content easily understood we devised a scenario and created video appropriate content. We also endeavored to make the subject matter easier to understand by creating infographics. As such we were able to use optimized images for ZIKTO Walk from the video that highlights the device’s unique strap and features.

  • Simple design, smooth 3D and motion

    We applied simple WSG with the intent of concisely and clearly explaining the device's advanced features via use of margin, large images, and short but impactful copy. Parallax scrolling was applied to make the simple design stand out and we conveyed the difficult technical contents in a meaningful and fun way via various soft motions. Fluid 3D graphics were employed to give viewers a virtual experience of the device’s construction materials, LED and so on.

PC and Mobile Version images for ZIKTO site
ZIKTO site overview image
ZIKTO site overview image


Your Posture & Activity Coach


Partners: M2E


Bak, Jihye - Project Manager

Moon, Hyeyoung - Planner

Bang, Daeseok - Designer

Lee, Saetbyeol - Designer

Bae, Jiyoon - Designer

Park, Gunyoung - Motion

Lee, Jungeun - 3D Artist

Park, Jinkyung - Developer

Choi, Yoonjung - Developer

ZIKTO Representative image