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Where possibilities begin ZET

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio ZET KV

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  • Branding
  • Digital PR
  • Web/Mobile
  • Mobile App
  • Copywriting


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ZET is for new beginnings. It’s a last mile mobility platform that’s driven by the power of mobility. A platform that aims to build a culture that opens doors and new possibilities.

While ZET joins the ranks of a fast-growing industry, it stands apart with its wide-ranging last mile transportation options from electric scooters to e-bikes all available at a touch via the mobile app. We participated in the project from the branding phase, building the brand experience to create an identity that communicates ZET’s mission to build a culture of new beginnings. We chose a striking red combined with strong typography and diagonal design elements, and used illustration and graphic design icons for better usability.

With ZET, mobility is more than going from A to Z, it’s the freedom to move and the beginning of something bigger.

ZET Brand Strategy
ZET Brand Keywords and Key Messages
ZET Brand Mission Statement
ZET Tagline
ZET Brand Mission Statement & Tagline
ZET Brand Logotype
ZET Brand Logotype
ZET Brand Colors
ZET brand Typography
ZET Product Icon
ZET Brand System Icons
ZET Brand Graphic Motif
ZET: Bus Stop Ad Mockup
ZET: Subway Ad Mockup
ZET: Flag Banner Mockup
ZET: Business Card Mockup
ZET: Stand Banner Mockup
ZET: Station Signage Mockup
ZET: Scooter & Parking Lot Mockup
ZET: Bicycle Mockup
ZET: Truck Mockup
ZET Mobile App
ZET Mobile App
ZET Mobile App
ZET Website


Where possibilities begin ZET



Bang Dongwook - Director / PM

Song Jiyoung - UI Design Leader

Park Joeun - UI Designer

Jo Hyewon - UI Designer

Seok Haeun - UI Designer

Jeon Ganguk - UI Designer

Shin Jiye - UI Designer

Choe Bomyung- BX Designer

Jeong Jieun - BX Designer

Erin Bai - Copywriter

Jessica Jones - Copywriter

Park Jinkyung - Developer

Song Eunji - Developer

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