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Designing living spaces that matter Younglim Total Interior

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From raw material selection to interior furnishing production, Younglim is Korea’s no. 1 interior design solution company. It uses environmentally-friendly raw materials in all its products and has full production, assembly, and service capabilities — it only needed to build its brand image to match its leading position as a complete interior design solution company. So in building and designing the Younglim website, we focused on showcasing Younglim’s wide range of products while communicating its brand philosophy of understanding the inherent value of living spaces as it designs spaces for their customers to live their lives.

  • Total interior brand that designs spaces

    Instead of designing a more traditional website that lays out the products, we introduced Younglim’s products magazine-style in 4 different space styles. Browsing the website, customers are able to experience the individual products within the context of the Younglim brand.

  • Curated styles and content tailored to the customer

    After the initial search step, we invited customers to take a step further by signing up for a membership with Younglim that would give them a variety of helpful options such as creating personal wishlists. We also created a user flow that would provide Younglim customers with a wide range of helpful content that was based on their styles and preferences.

  • Admin panel optimized for Younglim content

    Younglim Group has three different businesses — Younglim Forestry, Younglim Chemistry, and Younglim Industry. Collectively, the group has thousands of products, making it a challenge to design a standard admin system for all involved parties to use with ease. We developed a template that accommodates the vast catalogue of products and designed them as modules for admins to add to take out as needed.


Designing living spaces that matter Younglim Total Interior

Project Management

Oh Garam


Lee Jimyung, Jeong Woomin

Art Direction

Lee Yeongran


Yoon Seonyeong, Choi Heejae, Park Jihyun, Jieun Jeong


Choi Hyeji

Motion Design

Jang Semin, Hong Heejung

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