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Think Freely, Express Flexibility Thinkfree

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  • New Experience
  • eCommerce
  • SEO
  • Web/Mobile Site


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Hancom Thinkfree is a software program that is targeting entry onto the global market. To survive in a variety of office software markets, it was necessary for Thinkfree to create a new image. This led to us proposing a brand identity through Thinkfree's objects as a motif. Following that, we focused on 'flexibility,' which is the core value of Thinkfree. We thought that it would be great if a customer can directly use the program without having to download it first. Therefore, we constructed and linked the online editor service, where a customer can encounter the Thinkfree experience, with the online store. This would induce the purchase of the product after experiencing it. We also constructed the product management system in addition to a variety of subscribing products. As a result, we created an environment where a sales manager can efficiently manage the selling and purchasing of products, while at the same time, a customer can purchase a suitable product.

Thinkfree PC, Mobile version images
Thinkfree Site main
Thinkfree site overview page
Compatibility of Thinkfree and Samsung Dex
Multi-tasking of Thinkfree
Compatibility of Thinkfree and iOS
Thinkfree online service page
Thinkfree mobile site version image
Thinkfree mobile site version image


Think Freely, Express Flexibility


WISE:KIT - Partners


Jeong, Youngsuk - Chief Creative director

Lee, Pulip - Project Manager / Plan

Park, Jinjoo - Planner

Kang, Junseok - Designer

Shin, Jungyeon - Designer

Lee, Gyeongyeon - Designer

Hwang, Heeyeon - Designer

Wi Jaeil(WISE:KIT) - Developer

Kim, Jaeu(WISE:KIT) - Developer

Song, Seokwon(WISE:KIT) - Developer

Hwang, Wonhong(WISE:KIT) - Developer

Hancom Thinkfree