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Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio MCM KV

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  • Web/Mobile Site


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MCM, having enhanced an image as luxurious brand, reconsidered a brand image and renewed a website and mobile site. Shop MCM, a MCM direct shopping mall website, applied modern and silent layout to implement luxurious sense complying with a brand image, and at the same time, the UX of smart-phone-like or tablet-PC-like on the website through motion script shown from transition in categories or depth was implemented as well.

  • Completely Different Composition of Shopping Mall, Minimal- & Visual-oriented Design

    While prices and detailed products are hidden, the main page of Shop MCM was designed to show the overall structure for easy visual lesson of navigation within a website. The promotion banner at the major center area of main page displays decisive minimalism only by MCM. With extreme design unlike other shopping malls, the luxurious brand image of MCM was accentuated.

  • Hide & Show

    The UX concept of Hide & Show contains minimal screen composition and functions for customers, and hidden functions are implemented to be opened or closed at everytime if required for interest and usability at the same time.

  • Simple but Easy and Clear UI

    Contents to be exposed by business operators such as exhibition or event were connected with GNB to be exposed in various paths besides the main page. Furthermore, MCM goods and shopping exhibition, goods searched on today, and shopping kart composing GNB were implemented in a layer form for convenient use without scene transition, and the GNB form was designed to be adjusted to be complied with a layer form.

  • Unique and Trendy Graphic

    Trendy illustration included within GNB was used as expression of special and unique brand only by MCM. Upon a nearly strict and boring grid design, trendy illustration with color sense was added on the website.

MCM Site Overview Image.
MCM Site menu image.
The PC version of the MCM site.
MCM Site Main Visual Image.
MCM Site Product Details Page
The MCM site tablet version and polygon illustration.


MCM Shopping Mall



Choi, Jihoon- Chief Creative director

Kim, Wheekyoung- Project Manager / Marketing

Kim, Wheekyoung- Planner

Choi, Jihoon- Designer

Jung, Sungyup- Designer

Lee, WonGyoon- Developer

Lee, Seungchul- Developer

Choi, Chulhyun- Developer