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Samsung's innovation is not limited to smartphones—they also wield a powerful influence in the TV market. To show consumers what Samsung TV can bring to their life, we crafted content utilizing images and features for the Samsung TV blog. We utilized illustrations to act as a clear guide for lifestyle situations, we also made easy-to-understand analysis of the functions and characteristics of the TVs that could be otherwise considered difficult. By understanding customer requirements, we were able to create experiences from diverse points of view, as well as improve accessibility through SEO.

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    All About Samsung TV



    Kim, Nana


    Yoo, Hyejin - Project Manager/ Plan

    Kim, Jeeyun - Communicator

    Dana Melanz - Copywriter

    Jessica Jones - Copywriter

    Jang, Boram - Designer

    Kim, Boyeon - Developer

    Park, Hwaju - Developer

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