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Samsung Gear IconX

Project Summary

Samsung Gear Pit 2 Product Detail Page Image.

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  • Digital PR
  • SEO
  • Web/Mobile Site


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Samsung Gear IconX was created for people who absolutely must have music while they exercise. A new concept of a wearable optimized for enjoying both music and fitness, Gear IconX has no connecting cable to the L and R earbuds, rather it connects wirelessly to the user’s smartphone. We effectively conveyed the idea of Gear IconX being intuitive to users so they can easily get to know the device just by using it.

  • Gear IconX, design that redefines usability

    Images of people wearing the product including close up body shots, are employed on the brand page to effectively express how to use the high-tech new Gear IconX.

Samsung Gear Pit 2 Product Detail Page Image.


Samsung Gear IconX




Park, Chulsung - Project Manager

Kim, Junyoung - Designer

Lee, Gaeun - Designer

Kim, Wonkyu - 3D Artist

Lee, WonGyoon - Developer

Jung, Sunghwa - Developer

Park, Jinkyung - Developer

Samsung Gear IconX