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Perfection and a New Beginning Galaxy S8 | S8+

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ KV

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  • Web/Mobile Site
  • Digital Content
  • Video Content
  • Kor/Eng Copywriting


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Grabbing the world's attention, Samsung presented an innovative product for everyone to enjoy: the Galaxy S8 | S8+. Our mission was to structure the consumer journey to fully experience this innovation, as well as incorporate Samsung's four design philosophies: Bold, Innovative, Engineered, and Inviting. First, we meticulously presented the user lifestyle to prompt an active experience, empathy, and participation. The improvement of GNB usability and interactions allow the consumer to understand the contents better, and makes the website more attractive. Additionally, we were able to roll out to 77 countries around the world, as well as resolve and bring website accessibility to an optimal level while enhancing search engine optimization. You can experience Galaxy S8 | S8+ at any time, from anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ overview site image
Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ display features and accesorries
Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Camera features
Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Security function
Slim, Speed, Sound, Water-resistant and Memory expansion at Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Bixby feature
Utility and Device Compatibility of Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Accessories
Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ mobile site version image


Perfection and a New Beginning




Kim, Wheekyoung - Project Manager/ Plan

Park, Chulsung - Planner

Oh, Garam - Planner

Lee, Jiyoung - Planner

Dana, Melanz- Copywriter

Kim, Junyoung - Designer

Byun, Dongsu - Designer

Jin, Heejeong - Designer

Chang, Mijin - Designer

Choi, Wonjun - Designer

Kim, Chaebeen - Designer

Lee, Saetbyeol - Designer

Son, Moonyoung - Designer

Park, Joeun - Designer

Kim, Wonkyu - 3D Artist

Joo, Seunghyuk - 3D Artist

Lee, Wongyoon - Developer

Choi, Inhan - Developer

Jung, Sunghwa - Developer

Choi, Yoonjung - Developer

Park, Jinkyung - Developer

Park, Gyutae - Developer

Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+