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Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 edge

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio Samsung Galaxy S7, S7edge KV

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  • Web/Mobile Site
  • Digital Content
  • Video Content
  • Kor/Eng Copywriting


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The Galaxy Unpacked 2016 event presentation schedule was set and the Galaxy S7 project commenced, The client advised us of their requirements and the key points of the new Galaxy: design. camera, games, hardware, interface, etc. We commenced design work with a myriad of ideas on how to express these functions including the employment of 3D and motion graphics concepts to achieve dynamic expression. Through copy creation and website development the Galaxy S7 Brand website was completed. On the same day, through the Galaxy Brand website, the Galaxy Unpacked 2016 event went live and we introduced the new Galaxy S7.

  • Introduce Galaxy S7 via optimized configuration

    On the Galaxy S7 Overview page we used a center aligned layout, briefly introduce key features and made it possible to check product color and specifications. in order to give an identical user experience and optimized layout across various devices including PC, tablet and mobile.

  • Create efficient contents, maximize product expression

    In order to create the sense of a more direct experience of the Galaxy S7 we actively reflected efficient contents creation and various interactive elements. Also, by using high resolution photos, we created maximum expression of the product's curves and inherent qualities so consumers will to be able to experience more directly in the online realm.

Samsung Galaxy S7, S7edge overview image
This is a page image that describes the design of the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
This is a page image that describes the camera on the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
This is a page image that describes the camera on the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
This is a page image that describes the hardware features of the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge.
This is a page image that describes the various features, performance and accessories of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.


Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 edge




Hwang, Byungsam - Chief Creative director

Park, Chulsung - Project Manager

Kim, Junyoung - Designer

Bang, Daeseok - Designer

Chang, Mijin - Designer

Kim, Minjung - Designer

Lee, Gaeun - Designer

Lee, WonGyoon - Developer

Jung, Sunghwa - Developer

Kang, Byeonghwan - Developer

Park, Gyutae - Developer

Park, Jinkyung - Developer

Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 egde