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Producing responsive website to reinforce Galaxy Premium Brand Identity. Cheil Worldwide and D.FY launched the Galaxy brand site in time for its release of the new Galaxy Generation on March 2015. We aim to show new Galaxy’s aesthetic innovation through online media. Not only was the site designed to share a product information, but it is also intended to communicate with users by providing quality contents such as brand story and campaign details. We advanced a web accessibility by optimizing screen configuration for PC, tablets, and mobile. The simple Metro UI design delivers the profound brand story and maximized experience of the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

  • Optimized screen configuration for PC, Tablets, and Smartphones

    The responsive web provides an optimal viewing experience in various devices for the worldwide users. By designing with a simple layout, it delivers the information intuitively and also enhances compatibility of the responsive web.

    We applied the animation effect on the key visual image that instantly plays as accessing the page. Also, we emphasized the importance of product name by adding animation effect and made product image as a button format so that the visual info is exposed on click. The structure of the navigation considered the viewpoint and convenient user experience.

  • Utlizing the product by using intuitive GNB

    The GNB is simply structured into three different menus, which are Product, Galaxy and Events. The Products menu intuitively shows product images. Galaxy Story and Events menu is planned to have the same key visual as the GNB menu to provide the consistency of the website as a result.

  • Applying Parallax Scrolling on Product Page

    The parallax scrolling effect provides a new experience; the contrast of the background and product image was applied to enhance visual depth in all contents.

  • Galaxy's various Artistry Accessories

    The artistry Galaxy's accessories proceeded collaboration with various fashion brands and designers. It allowed the user to customize own Galaxy case and wireless charger.

  • Step by step evolution of Galaxy S

    Start from the beginning, Galaxy S series is heading for the infinite. With consumers' expectation and to make their daily life worthwhile, the Galaxy will always move forward.

  • Simply Identified Metro Design UI

    We crafted pages with simple and bold tiled metro design rather than decorative details and effects. It provides maxmized user experience in mobile environment.

  • Stories of the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

    The product detail page configured for better accessibility to the information. The content page offered a description of each product feature and usability. Also, we indicated the page navigation on the bottom of the page for convenient access.

  • Looking at the world through Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

    Both of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge took a picture of world attractions with strengthened camera feature. We designed to enhanced UI by offering an each picture's thumbnail.

  • Global Smartphone Galaxy

    The global Galaxy smartphone was allowed to check brand collaboration and sports campaign events start from their released date.

  • ALL NEW Galaxy

    The new Galaxy S6&S6 Edge live streamed 2015 Unpacked event opening to all around the world customer and media. We unveiled those product banner at the bottom of the page as a navigator.

main page of Samsung Galaxy Brand site
This is the image of Samsung Galaxy Brand's product details page.
This is a page image that describes Galaxy Brand in Samsung Galaxy Brand site.
This is a detailed page image of Galaxy Brand in Samsung Galaxy Brand website.
This is the image of event page in Samsung Galaxy Brand website.


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Hwang, Byungsam - Chief Creative director

Park, Chulsung - Project Manager / Plan

Song, Byungyoog - Designer

Kim, Junyoung - Designer

Bang, Daesung - Designer

Kim, Youngchul - Designer

Lee, WonGyoon - Developer

Lee, Seungchul - Developer

Park, Siyoung - Developer

Samsung Galaxy Brand site