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Made for the epic in everyday Samsung Galaxy S21 | S21+ 5G

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has Galaxy’s fastest chipset, and Galaxy S21 5G’s revolutionary camera makes every day more epic than cinema. We created a dedicated digital space for each phone so that they could carry their own messages while still having a unified voice.

  • We started designing and creating digital content for each of the Galaxy flagship smartphones back in 2015, and for the first time ever, we were tasked with creating separate pages for two phones from the same lineup. Creating separate digital spaces for Galaxy S21 5G and S21 Ultra 5G was a challenge even for the most seasoned of us that have been working on Galaxy flagship website launches for several consecutive years. In addition, we created a self-guided retail experience called Showroom, which uses visitor device information to compare their device to Galaxy S21 5G and S21 Ultra 5G.

  • This challenge was a creative one where we spent countless hours finding the right language — visual and literal — that would communicate both the more bold Ultra and the more fresh S21 in the same unified voice while highlighting the differences. We used contrast in both the copy and design to accentuate the epic value of the Ultra and employed pops of colors taken from the phone’s wallpaper for a unified look. We carried this tone over to the S21 but lightened the mood to amplify the everyday and appeal to a younger audience.

  • Starting from scratch, we slowly built the pages with our 3D renderings, design, and copy, and once the pages were all set, our dedicated publishing teams localized the pages for 80+ locations and the pages went live in step with Galaxy UNPACKED 2021.


Made for the epic in everyday

Production Agency



Kim Wheekyoung

Project Manager

Kang Suhyun


Hwang Ilmin, Lee Soohyun, Kim Yeonjae


Jessica Jones

Creative Director

Kim Junyoung


Bang Daeseok, Cho Hyewon, Jeong Jieun, Shin Jiyei, Lee Suji, Yeon Ahyoung, Jeong Yisak, Lee Seonjin, Jung Haechan, Hyun Yeji

3D Designer

Joo Seunghyuk, Ha Yohan, Je Yura

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