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Introducing the new super powerful Note Samsung Galaxy Note9

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D.FY Portfolio Samsung Galaxy Note9 KV

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Twice a year, Samsung Electronics launches a new flagship Galaxy phone. During the launch, called UNPACKED, the innovations and features are introduced via marketing sites that roll out to 80 countries. For Galaxy Note9, Samsung wanted to differentiate from the Galaxy S9 and S9+, putting a focus on the hardware upgrades and the S Pen. Some of the biggest factors for the Galaxy Note9 were the large storage — up to 1TB with a memory card — an all-day battery, and an S Pen newly enhanced with Bluetooth that served as a remote control. We highlighted these new features using animations modeled after the phone’s UI and images that broke out of the typical website grid. The Galaxy visual philosophy of black, white, and bold was accented with blue and yellow on the main page, while tone-on-tone KVs also put a spotlight the phone’s exciting new colorways. Full bleed closeups, dynamic angles, and micro interactions while scrolling keep the user’s attention. In addition to rolling out sites to 80 countries that were translated and localized based on the global site, we provided support for accessibility and search optimization, creating SEO copy to help ensure that Galaxy site is the preeminent place for a curious audience to find out more about the Galaxy Note9.

Galaxy note9 is a pen performance image.
Galaxy note9 Pen Storage image.
Galaxy note9 is an image of a pen button.
Galaxy note9 is an infinity display image.
Galaxy note9 pen handwritten image.
Galaxy note9 is a camera description image.
Galaxy note9 Pen Description The detailed image.
Galaxy note9 is a detailed image of the function.
Galaxy note9 camera lens image.
Galaxy note9 is the inside image.
Galaxy note9 camera performance image.
Galaxy note9 camera HDR image.
Galaxy note9 game performance image.
Galaxy note9 is a pen image feature.
Galaxy note9 is a camera function image.
Mobile version of Samsung Global Site Galaxy Note9 related images.
Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a detailed image related to the mobile version of Samsung Global Site.


Introducing the new super powerful Note Samsung Galaxy Note9

Cheil Worldwide - Lead Agency

D.FY - Production Agency

Barbarian - Partner Agency


Kim, Junyoung - Creative Director

Kim, Wheekyoung - Project Manager

Oh, Garam - Planner

Hwang, Ilmin - Planner

Kim, Sojeong - Planner

Melanz, Dana - Copywriter

Song, Jiyoung - Designer

Park, Joeun - Designer

Lee, Gaeun - Designer

Nam, Jinsung - Designer

Jo, Hyewon - Designer

Yang, Gwanghoon - Designer

Choi, Jungmin - Designer

Lee, Seul - Designer

Kim, Wonkyu- 3D Artist

Joo, Seunghyuk- 3D Artist

Jang, Semin- 3D Artist

Lee, Wongyoon - Developer

Jung, Sunghwa - Developer

Kang, Byeonghwan - Developer

Park, Gyutae - Developer

Choi, Yoonjung - Developer

Park, Jinkyung - Developer

Kim, Jumi - Developer

Gong, Ahreum - Developer

Samsung Galaxy Note9