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Future of Display - Beyond the Limits
Samsung TV

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Catering to the needs of a premium lifestyle and forward-thinking consumers, Samsung TV created a web page showcasing the past, present and the future of Samsung TVs and how its screens have evolved to meet evolving needs.

From the current lineup that includes Samsung QLED TV, The Serif, The Sero, The Frame, The Premiere, and Samsung Gaming Monitor, to the future of Screens Everywhere, we designed the web page to be experienced as an immersive narrative using full-screen images. We incorporated automatic scrolling to make it easier to navigate the rich content. We also included page sections to let the viewer go directly to specific parts of the narrative.

To add to the experience, we placed the Samsung TVs in everyday situations and environments to let the viewer imagine what life would be like with Samsung TVs. We also created a full-3D video with cobb studio to enhance the immersive experience.


Future of Display - Beyond the Limits

Creative Director

Hwang Byungsam

Project Manager

Lim Inseong, Lee Jiyoung

Design Leader

Bang Daeseok


Hwang Heeyoun, Yeon Ahyoung, Gim Jiyun, Lee Seonjin

Develop Leader

Yu Choongyeol


Choi Hyeji, Yoo Dasol

Video Editing

Jang Semin

Video Project Director

Bai Erin

Video Project Manager

Kim Subin

Video Concept, Art Direction

Lily Niu

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