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Hooked on Infinite Fun! POOQ

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio POOQ KV

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  • Web/Mobile Site
  • Kor/Eng Copywriting


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It is common to watch videos on a smartphone. Everyone has the freedom to choose the channels and programs they want wherever they are. While a variety of video streaming services are in competition now, POOQ wanted to strengthen their brand identity by improving their online channels and renovating the BI. A new BI and brand color was implemented across their channel.

  • New BI, new color.

    A new BI and color guide was implemented across their channel. Through a variety of added features such as analyzing the preferences of the user and recommending programs, quick and easy viewing, and related videos service, users were continuously hooked onto the infinite joy of POOQ.

  • What’s the name of that show again?

    POOQ renovation features an enhanced search engine. Even though the viewer does not know the exact name of the program, they can easily search the content through recommendations based on hashtags,.

The POOQ PC and mobile version image.
The POOQ detail page.
The POOQ execution screen.
The POOQ PC version image.
The POOQ is the contents of the site rotation table.
The POOQ VOD page.
The POOQ payment page.
The POOQ VOD Home Screen.
The POOQ VOD detail page.
This is the POOQ preference analysis page.
The POOQ is a mobile screen.


Hooked on Infinite Fun!



Lee, Hamin- Project Manager

Lim, Jiyoon- Planner

Yoo, Eunsun - Planner

Na, Hyelim- Planner

Lee, Eunji - Planner

Lee, Suheon - Designer

Lee, Yeongran - Designer

Lee, Hyeonseon - Designer

Lim, Eunjung - Designer

Lee, Hyunjin - Designer

Chang, Mijin - Designer

Jo, Hyewon - Designer