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Kolmar Korea —

A beauty and health production platform PLANIT 147

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Today’s social media offers a ready-made stage for anyone who has aspirations to be a trendsetter. That also means higher competition, especially in the beauty and health sector, which in turn makes it increasingly difficult for new businesses to stand out. That’s where Kolmar Korea comes in. As the leader of the global ODM market for the past 20 years, it has been initiating significant changes in the beauty and health market. Building on its wealth of expertise, Kolmar has launched the beauty and health production platform, PLANIT 147.

  • Visualizing the PLANIT 147’s brand identity

    Planit 147 is the realization of years of Kolmar Korea’s accumulated expertise and passion for the industry. Our focus was on bringing that dedication to life while showcasing the values Kolmar Korea can offer to individuals or companies looking to launch their own brands. And one way was through a revolutionary main page design that offered a dynamic experience of the range of services.

  • Intuitive step-by-step UX

    To use Planit 147’s service, there are several steps customers need to take. We wanted to make the application process as easy and intuitive as possible, so we designed the process to let customers make a reservation right away, and gave them the option to ask any questions they might have.



A beauty and health production platform PLANIT 147

Project Management

Son Jeongeun


Heo Jiin, Park Doyi


Erin Bai, Lee Myeongyeon, Roh Hyeryeon

Art Direction

Kim Taeyong


Choi Youngwoo, Kim Youngmyung, Kim Kyunghee


Kim Chuljoong, Lee Jisun, Choi Hyeji

Motion Design

Kim Wonkyu, Jang Semin, Kim Hee-One, Hong Heejung

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