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Oksusu Android App SK Broadband

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D.FY Portfolio SK Broadband Oksusu KV

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SK Broadband mobile video service renewal project. The services offered by B tv mobile and hoppin have been merged into the new oksusu mobile app.The app provides a video curation service based on the user’s three personal keywords (gender, age, preference), delivering a new mobile video viewing experience.

  • Video Curation Service

    Instead of having the user spend time browsing, the app has some 10,000 types of main pages to offer a personalized curation of videos based on the user’s three personal keywords (gender, age, preference) so they can watch the videos they want right away with ease.

  • UX/UI Optimized for Watching Videos

    App screen ratio (16:9) is optimized for watching videos and offers a viewing experience similar to watching TV. The user can also choose the start mode that suits them.

  • New Brand Identity

    The newly developed brand identity, from the brand logo to colors, were applied throughout the app UI for a consistent oksusu brand experience.

SK Broadband Mobile app, Oksusu overview image


Oksusu Android App


DigiCAP (Development Agency) - Partners


Moon, Heesoo - Project Manager / Plan

Lee, Pulip - Planner

Kang, Seongyu - Planner

Lee, Hyerim - Planner

Lee, Jiho - Designer

Kim, Minjung - Designer

Lee, Hyunjin - Designer

Lee, Saetbyeol - Designer

Bae, Jiyoon - Designer

Park, Gyutae - Developer

Kim, Boyeon - Developer

Park, Hwaju - Developer

Lee, Youngji(SK Broadband)

Lim, Yaeeun(SK Broadband)

Seo, Younga(SK Broadband)

Jung, Insung(DigiCAP) - Developer

SK Broadband Oksusu