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Creative Studio 644 NCSOFT

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Founded in 2021, 644 is a character-focused creative studio focused on achieving NCSOFT’s character business vision. The name “644” is inspired by NCSOFT’s HQ address. 644’s brand identity is inspired by special places that produce exciting events, suspense, and anticipation of the unexpected.

The 644 website was designed to reflect the brand identity while creating a sense of wonder and anticipation using interactive elements and design. We focused on delivering the brand story through visuals while elaborating the character brand and its merchandise.

Visitors are first greeted by the BI in the loading screen and are welcomed by keywords and bold typography that symbolize 644’s identity and used to section the screen. The unconventional and almost poetic layout are additional markers of 644’s unique and freestyle identity.

Information on the brand and products are meshed into the website design beckoning the visitor to seek them out via engaging interactions.

In addition to creating an engaging experience, we also focused on building a web that’s easy to maintain through updates of new characters and content.


Creative Studio 644

Creative Director

Gwon Soongyu

Project Manager

Jun Hongran


Kim Hyeonmo, Kim Jeonghee


Choi Hyeji

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