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Nature Republic

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D.FY Portfolio Nature Republic KV

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The new mobile commerce redefined from consumer's perspective has broadened selection of products. Nature Republic, the cosmetic brand has renewed its mobile website by reinterpreting the pure, clean and primitive nature from the outset through the eyes of fashionable and contemporary senses. Based on the recent trend showing rapid growth in mobile access by online consumers, we have focused on developing the consumer-friendly UI with applying the latest trends. The sophisticated and elegant structure has been elevated with the minimal structure and elements to help consumers search desired products, make payments and concentrate on purchasing.

  • Optimized layout for mobile shopping

    With the contradictory balance between branding and e-commerce in the previous mobile site, it showed ineffective branding and unpleasant commerce environment. Thus, this project has been focused on providing the delightful experience through convenience of intuitive shopping by effective structure and interaction of e-commerce while carrying out harmonious look and feel.

  • Thesmart product guide

    In hand-held sized displays, subtle alteration in form and position creates a huge difference in usability. Therefore diverse functions serviced for consumer's convenience can become confusing and worthless. The appropriate selection and reinterpreted expression technique must be accompanied in order to provide the meaningful service for consumers.

  • Convenient shopping through intuitive information

    Developing structure through minimized forms and elements is more challenging than using decorative forms. Simplifying diverse information such as brand identity, messages desired to be delivered to consumers and so forth requires a lot more thinking and solutions. This project has been carried out with deep thoughts to actualize the mobile website through simple and convenient functions.

  • Minimal and Flexible Icon Graphics

    To maximize intuitive navigation of menu based on the icons from representative menu along with icons from diverse product categories and icons related to other e-commerce functions, we executed graphic work to increase users' convenience through minimized and sophisticated graphic works.

Nature Republic mobile site image
Nature Republic mobile site image
Nature Republic mobile site image