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Online marketplace for creators everywhere MarppleShop

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MarppleShop is an online marketplace and one-stop system for creators, influencers and artists to make and sell custom goods and merchandise. MarppleShop takes care of the entire process from production to delivery. Creators only need to bring their ideas.

The main focus of this project was the UXUI renewal of the MarppleShop online platform and was launched in time for the airing of the brand TV commercial in July.

  • First impressions that make an impression

    Our key goal was to build and design the main page so users landing on the website by downloading the app or through online search after seeing the TV ad would be immediately engaged and start browsing. We removed all unnecessary details and designed a layout that kept the focus on the products and adopted a casual, friendly tone in the copy to create a warm connection with users.

  • Going beyond responsive web design. UX that enables the exact same experience for PC and mobile.

    The initial plan was to implement responsive design but we wanted to take things one step further and enable the exact same experience for both PC and mobile. And that resulted in the experimental UI that’s currently live. We did away with the Global Navigation Bar(GNB) that’s typically found on PC websites and instead adopted the same navigation bar used for mobile, and in place of the GNB, we used the space for titles and the back button — as you would normally see in mobile UX.

  • Making the search and shopping cart functions stronger, and providing an aligned UI

    For the nearly 20,000 sellers and some 190,000 items, we optimized the search process and feature to provide easier and better access to the products. And before, if you found something you liked, items from different sellers were added to separate carts. We improved the process to have all items added to one cart to make it easier for customers to make purchases. And with the Feed being one of the highlights of the page, we created a detailed guide so ensure the feed’s visual tone would stay intact.



Online marketplace for creators everywhere MarppleShop

Project Management

Son Jeongeun


Jeon Dahye, Lee Yujin

Art Direction

Jang Boram


Cho Yoonshik, Oh Saemee, Kim Jiyun, Kim Hyeonmo

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