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All things shopping, LotteON!

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The 2020 e-commerce market is becoming increasingly competitive with growing trends like 'chatbots', 'good consumption', 'speed competition', 'MZ generation', 'ultra-personalization and purchasing experience', and 'voice shopping'. Targeting the constantly evolving e-commerce market and consumer generation, LotteON, which opened on April 28, 2020, is an online shopping platform that combines online and offline data from seven Lotte retail shopping malls: Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart,, LOHBs, Hi-Mart, Lotte Super, and Lotte Home Shopping.

'LotteON's service strategy is to provide 'ultra-personalization' service through data and 'store' based delivery service to provide a 'boundless shopping' experience that breaks the boundaries between online and offline. Any L.POINT member can easily log in and choose a cheaper product, or one with faster delivery by comparing products from multiple sellers. Customers can now enjoy a limitless shopping lifestyle, exploring fashion, luxury goods, home appliances, and household goods, anytime, anywhere via the LotteON mobile app.

  • ‘Personal Styling’ service customized for the individual experience

    LotteON's personalization service is based on the data of 39 million members of Lotte members, dividing customer behavior and product attributes into about 400 categories and considering a range of factors in order to recommend just the right product. LotteON's ultimate goal is to implement a 'shopping mall without a search box' through accurate recommendation services based on big data.

  • Providing a 'boundless shopping' experience that eliminates online and offline boundaries

    With the mobile app, you can experience the 'Online for Offline (O4O)' service that allows you to shop anytime, anywhere from more than 15,000 Lotte Shopping stores nationwide. Lotte Digital Smart Store also offers a direct delivery service, where the customer can receive their products within 2 hours when ordering from within a 3km radius of a store. In addition, smart carts allow you to scan the barcode of a product and through simple payment via the mobile app, access an exclusive exit, so you don't have to worry about waiting in line. In addition, if you scan the QR code attached to the product, you can view product reviews and discount coupons you can use when checking out online.

  • 'Timely delivery’ that allows customers to pick up their order when they want, where they want

    LotteON's delivery service prioritizes customers’ convenience above all, offering products at the time and place they want, rather than simply fast delivery. LotteON allows customers to choose the type of delivery they want by implementing the 'smart pick' service of 7,000 stores in Lotte Group, including Lotte Mart's fulfillment store, Lotte Department Store's direct delivery service, and Lotte Super's early morning delivery service. As the data ‘Lotte ON' accumulates will continue to advance and develop through collaboration with other affiliates of Lotte Group, Lotte members are also expected to benefit from perks when visiting any Lotte affiliate store, including hotels, duty-free shops, marts, and convenience stores.

  • Implementing Thoughtful UI/UX with Real Time Response Based on User Context

    The main concern in implementing 'LotteON's UI/UX was not to offer price discounts or simply distribute information, but to utilize interface design that provides an immersive experience and purchasing motive while implementing interaction and considering future scalability through real time response based on user context. Thus, the products and exhibition areas are effectively organized to showcase the characteristics of the main and individual malls, the order and payment process is seamless and easy, while the micro-interaction elements throughout the site incorporate an added element of fun.

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All things shopping, LotteON!

Project Manager

Lee Si Eun, Bak Ji Hye


Cho Young Mo

Lead Planner

Park Mi Seon


Jeong Youngsuk, Cho Young Ji, Lee Hye Lim, Kim Sol, Lee Hye Jin, Choi Seo Young, Kong Yong Sang, Lee Sung Kwon, Lee Ha Min, Jang Se Jin, Park Chul Sung, Gim Ji Yun, Kim So Jeong, Jeon Da Hye, Lee Se Young, Son Ju Hee, Kim Min Woo, Lee Soo Hyun, Hwang Il Min, Yoo Eun Sun, Jang Woong Soon, Lee Hyung Seon, Jung Kwang Deuk, Lee Sang Woon, Na Ha Na, Bae Young Ji, Chae Yu Jin

Creative Director

Hwang Byung Sam

Lead Designer

Song Ji Young


Bang Dae Seok, Kim Chae Bin, Park Jo Eun, Baek So Hyun, Lee Jung Soo, Kim Da Young, Jo Hye Won, Yoon Seon Yeong, Lee Hyeon Seon, Jeong Yi Sak, Jang Bo Ram, Kang Ju Yeon, Seok Ha Eun, Lee Ji Ho, Park Na Young, Kim Sang Geun, Choi Bo Myung, Kim Jeoung Hee, Shin Jung Yeon, Jeong Yeon Ju, Yang Gwang Hoon, Jun Kang Uk, Lee Seon Jin, Hyun Ye Ji, Choi Hee Jae, Lee Seul, Hong Hee Jung

Lead Developer

Kim Chul Joong, Yun Young Seo


Kang Byung Hwan, Kim Bo Yeon, Hwang Geom Myeong, Song Eun Ji, Park Hwa Ju, Lee Tae Woo, Kwon Hyeon Ji, Bae Jae Kwan, Ro Seo Yeong, Lim Ji Sun, Kim Sun Hwa, Lee Na Ri, Jung Soo A, Yoo Soo Jung, Kang Min Chae, Jang Sung Jun, Shin Ji Yeon, Park Jong Beoum, Choi Song Hee, Oh Dae Young

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