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LOiViE —

Holistic Drop in a Moment LOiViE

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Launched in December 2020, LOiViE is Shinsegae International’s new beauty brand targeting Millennials and Gen Z. Born as a brand that celebrates self-love, we were involved from the very first stages of branding and communicated regularly with the client to ensure the brand’s visuals aspects were developed in line with the brand’s ethos of clean beauty.

  • Aesthetic images and videos deliver the brand philosophy

    The smooth, flowing lines of the packaging design stem from LOiViE’s brand philosophy of loving your inner self through healthy and purifying beauty rituals. We applied the same design language to the images and videos throughout the website and designed a user journey that would let website visitors experience the brand’s message of self-love and self-care.

  • Alchemy in your days

    LOiViE also collaborated with Shin Morae, an illustrator popular among Millennials and Gen Z. We used her colorful yet soothing work to create the Alchemy in your days content that offers LOiViE’s signature solutions to customer’s diverse range of questions and issues. Adopting the form of tarot cards, the content created a bond with the target audience by offering relatable and practical solutions via LOiViE’s products and scents.


Holistic Drop in a Moment

Creative Director

Gwon Soongyu

Project Manager

Son Jeongeun, Kim Juyoung


Heo Jiin, Hwang Sujin

Design Leader

Choi Bomi


Lee Hansol, Kim Dakyeong


Jang Semin


Park Hwaju, Kwon Hyeonji, Lee Jisun

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