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D.FY Portfolio Innocean Worldwide KV

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  • Digital PR
  • Web/Mobile Site


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Global Network Integrated Platform. nnocean aims to improve their global corporate image by renewing their official website as a global integrated network platform. The website has been renewed to strength their brand identity in overseas subsidiaries as well as domestic.

  • Content-driven Brand Website

    The website of Innocean reorganized global network contents by integrating each of the overseas operation’s individual channels

  • Each menu has been optimized by content type, Screen layout

    Innocean’s new website enhanced a screen configuration by re-composing menu by the characteristic of the content. The segment has been reconstructed as follows; image and text content focused in NEWS, visual contents focused in WORK, Innocean company overview explores in COMPANY, corporate overview in NETWORK, list of award achievement in AWARDS, and explores Facebook and other SNS news at SOCIAL menu. .

  • Based on Innocean’s content, Real Innocean Website

    The renewal website designed to be concentrating on main screen part, which provides important contents of Innocean. It has been demonstrated using the simple design concept, which it replaced text to visual and video elements to be more able to concentrate on the site.

  • Efficient navigation function system, Navigation MenuBar

    The fixed navigation designed as convenient access and not only provides a search function, but also shows the title of the menu. Moreover, the sub-navigation functioned as content title and share button even at the time of scrolling.

  • Enhanced search function by using tagging

    In order to enhance Innocean’s search system, it provided a tag function. By using this tag system, it searches keyword and able to quickly search the contents.

  • Flexible on various devious, UX/UI Responsive Website

    This responsive website considered overseas user when accessing various types of devices. It provided an optimized screen based on the resolution and applied swiping UI on the mobile, tablet to improve usability.

  • Enhanced Branding strategy by using the Innocean’s multimedia content

    By using the color of Innocean’s orange and Innodaum font, it has strengthened Innocean’s brand identity. It simplified text contents such as an interview and portfolio by replacing with multimedia elements to add entertaining value.

Innocean Worldwide site overview image
fonInnocean Worldwide site font, color, icon guide image.
This is a page image for the content of the Innocean Worldwide site
This is an image of the Innocean Worldwide main KV
Page image of the contents by menu in the Innocean Worldwide Site.
This is an image of the content detail page in the Innocean Worldwide site.
This is the image of the CEO message page within the Innocean Worldwide site
An image of the content page within the Innocean World Wide site.
An image of the menu page within the Innocean World Wide site.
An image of the global branch page within the Innocean World Wide site.
An image of the Search function page within the Innocean World Wide site.
Mobile and Tablet version for Innocean Worldwide site image
Image of the 404 Error page on the Innocean Worldwide site.





Park, Misun - Project Manager / Plan

Gwon, Soongyu - Designer

Lim, Eunjung - Designer

Kim, Sookyung - Developer

Park, Siyoung - Developer

Park, Jonghee - Developer

Lee, Jisook(INNOCEAN)

Park, Sungeun(INNOCEAN)

Lee, Albert(INNOCEAN)

Park, Ahrong(INNOCEAN)

Innocean Worldwide