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Hanwha 63 Square Website

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Through the BI change of 63 Square which is the multi-cultural space for couples and families, the website was reorganized for new identity building. Reflecting the changed logo, color and shape on website in order to express young and energetic 63 building, it established new brand identity and broke the old image of 63 building in order to deliver the new image of exciting and funny multi-cultural space.

  • User-friendly 63 Square website

    After dividing the users who visit 63 Square website by type, it analyzed their behavior pattern. On the basis of this, it improved the design, UX/UI and marketing strategy for the users to find the information quickly. And exposing the branding image and event banner on main visual area, it made 63 Square website play a role of online market place.

  • Brand identity unified with the layout using BI shape

    Applying the interactive motion with the motive of BI and using the layout of square shape, it enhanced the popularity of new BI.

  • Providing same experience irrespective of access device

    In order to provide the web environment equal to the disabled and the non-disabled, it advanced web accessibility and complied with web standards. The users can experience the things in PC also in tablet and mobile.

  • Touch the customer’s sensitivity through the familiar way of contents delivery

    Adding the familiar contents like emotional illustrations or colloquial phrases to the photorealistic images, it delivers the information to the customer comfortably.

  • Contents composition through the analysis of user’s behavior pattern

    Providing the recommended course in accordance with the type of customers who visit 63 Square Exhibition, it composed the contents in order to maintain the customer base of young couples for date, families and infant/elementary school students which are the obtained base already.

  • High accessibility to check the important information with a single click

    The users can check the exhibits and performances of each halls as well as the simple introduction, service hours and fee about 5 exhibition halls of 63 Square with a single click.

  • Natural connection to the ticket buying

    In order to cause interest in exhibition halls and induce the ticket buying naturally after checking the contents of website, it installed the ticket buying button at the bottom of contents page to increase sales.

  • Icons to deliver the clear messages

    It provides simple and clear icons for exhibition halls so the users can recognize the meaning without reading text. In case of representative badges for exhibition halls, they were manufactured without greed in order to express the characteristics of exhibition halls interestingly.

  • Funny and lively color palette

    It composed the color palette in order to give the funny and lively feeling to 63 Square which is the multi-cultural space for couples and families. By composing the color palette mainly with new BI colors, it established the brand identity.

  • 63 Square satisfying all customers and operators

    Extending the marketing area which was inefficient before to overall main screen after renewal, it exposed the messages and events that the operators wanted to deliver to the customers and improved the manager function which the managers can directly control the contents such as sold-out status or show time changing in order not to make a confusion to the customers.

Hanwha 63 Square site overview images and PC and Tablet version.
Hanwha 63 Square site overview images and tablet version view.
Hanwha 63 Square site detailed contents and Guideline images
Hanwha 63 Square site detailed contents and Guideline images
Hanwha 63 Square site color, font detailed guide and example of images


Hanwha 63 Square Website



Choi, Jihoon - Chief Creative Director

Park, jihye - Project Manager

Gil, insane - Planner

Choi, gayoung - Planner

Park, hyejin - Planner

Kim, Junyoung - Designer

Kim, jinwon - Designer

Jung, eunji - Designer

Yoon, junmo (The Creamunion) - Developer

Kim, jinwon (The Creamunion) - Developer

Yoon, hwahyeon (The Creamunion) - Developer

Lee, Hyojin (The Creamunion) - Developer

Lee, jaekeun (Bluegrid) - Developer

Hanwha 63 Square