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GLAD Hotel Yeouido

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Reinforce brand identity of Glad Hotel Yeouido. The Glad Hotel Yeouido website aims to reinforce brand identity that is practical but rich. It is designed to keep the hotels offline experience to online services.

  • Reinforcing the information strategies

    Glad Hotel enhanced branding, information and reservation element to solidify brand identity as a global business hotel. The coordinated UX /UI strategy leads users from general information to reservation without struggle.

  • Constructing GNB menu for user’s needs

    We designed to optimize all contents used in PC web and mobile devices, it provides the same convenient usability for our customers.

  • Optimized UI for easy and convenient reservation

    The Find Match reservation system helps a customer to find guest room faster than before. Also, flexible and simple UI designed to give the users convenient reservation system.

  • Illustration Icon Representing Glad Hotel's sensibility

    We designed hotel amenity contents as an illustration icon. It strengthened the brand identity and work as an intuitive UI. Also, it enhanced user's sensible response and accessibility.

  • Enhancing branding identity by using design element

    We strengthened Glad Hotel's identity by utilizing their official color, illustration and typography.

Glad hotel site main overview image
Mobile version for Glad hotel site
Page image of the room in the Glad Hotel site.
Page image of the icons in the Glad Hotel site.
The image of the room details and associated pages in the Glad Hotel site.
Glad Hotel is an image of reservation page on site.
This is a page image of the city tour guide in the Glad Hotel site.
Page image that describes the Glad Hotel on the Glad Hotel site.
This is an image of the not-opened related page in the Glad hotel site.
This is an illustrated image of a Galad hotel site.


GLAD Hotel



Dalssi - Illustration


Bang, Dongwook - Project Manager / Plan

Bak, Jihye - Project Manager / Plan

Lim, Jungmin - Project Manager / Plan

Choi, Hyunmin - Planner

Choi, Jihoon - Designer

Kim, Junyoung - Designer

Park, Sejin - Designer

Lee, Hyeonseon - Designer

Kim, Nana - Illustrator

Lee, Seungchul- Developer

Song, Euitak(BLUEGRAM) - Developer

Hong, Wonki(BLUEGRAM) - Developer

Glad hotel