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As the brand identity of Fidelity, the global asset management specialist, was changed, its mobile brand site was reorganized. Applying the evolved new logo and brand color identity meeting the business environment and customer needs to PC web and mobile web consistently, it strengthens new brand image and delivers the message of ‘new standard of global investment’ at once.

  • Web orientation along with company value

    Fidelity is to be the world best asset management company in three aspects of investment management performance, customer service and business ethics and they always work for customer profitability first. On the basis of this, the mobile site contains the business value of Fidelity which tries to provide the best profit to customers and the opportunity and reward to employees.

  • Mobile optimization is the business optimization

    For the reorganization of UX design optimized for mobile maintaining the relevance with Fidelity website, it placed the promotion contents with high priority at the top to raise its efficiency. And with the simple design complying with global guide, the customer can use the investment information and expected earning rate conveniently.

  • Customer-oriented service investing to customer

    Enabling to search keyword and view the whole menu anywhere anytime through search icon and side menu icon, it provides the customer-oriented service possible on mobile website.

  • Three-dimensional promotion of present progressive

    Producing the various promotions of Fidelity which leads financial industry with a lot of turning points and variables in the form of Book Stand, it delivers the company’s image to provide newest investment information and induces the customer to participate in a more three-dimensional way.

  • Enhancement of usability with simple and clear icon

    In order to deliver all contents and services of Fidelity easily and quickly, it produced the simple and clear icon. It complies with global guide of Fidelity, and at the same time, it makes a harmony with new brand identity to enhance the company’s brand image.

  • Taking advantage of book-marking function like an application

    The book-marking icon is designed like an application button. It can be accessed with a single touch without using other internet browser application in order to enhance its accessibility. And it strengthens the brand identity promotion effect on home screen which is exposed to users most.

  • Successful maintenance and promotion performance

    Applying FLAT UI which is the worldwide web design trend in representing the global investment portfolio information and promotion of Fidelity, DFY focused on delivering the keywords of challenge and success as a global partner moving quickly. And performing our maintenance since 2011 in order to cope with aggressive marketing successfully and produce a stylish UI suitable for global guide, it made a vigorous communication effect with more various customers as well as the awareness increase effect in domestic market.

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