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An introduction to the global stage 

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We constructed a globally optimized platform that reinforced eSpoir’s brand image, so no matter where eSpoir’s customers are from, they can experience the eSpoir brand. Considering current trends and the brand identity, we integrated eSpoir’s new global store, emphasizing the brand’s professional image and crafting a simplified process from search to purchase.

  • Strengthening a professional global brand image

    A simplistic and sophisticated site renewal strengthened eSpoir’s identity for global customers. By removing complex graphic effects and keeping global users in mind in terms of color, the globally optimized environment’s usability increased. The background changes based on trends and visitors get information straight from artists, emphasizing the brand’s professional image.

  • Creating an intuitive menu

    We restructured the menu based on use characteristics and frequency. The previous product information was hard to read, and with the implementation of nicknames and keywords is now easy to immediately understand, increasing the legibility of content and product information.

  • A simple experience from search to purchase

    We designed the site to be easily and quickly accessible from any device. The information is easy to grasp at a glance, and the improved search functions help users find the products they want in a fast and simple manner. A shopping cart that allows users to check and revise the selected products and a one-step checkout process serves as the foundation for global eSpoir.


An introduction to the global stage eSpoir



Lee Hamin - Project Manager

Lee Hyerim - Planner

Choi Yongsoo - Planner

Na Hyelim - Planner

Kim Nanhyun - Planner

Lee Suheon - Creative director

Jin Heejeong - Designer

Yoo Taesik - Designer

Jeong Dayoung - Designer

Lee Gyeongyeon - Designer

Kim Junghee - Designer