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Dr.jart Ctrl+ A SOS BOX Product Movie

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio Dr.jart Ctrl+A SOS BOX KV

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The infographic video promoting Ctrl-A SOS BOX which is a new product launched by dermotological cosmetics brand, Dr. Jart. It is the contents to promote the benefit messages of Ctrl-A SOS BOX and also a video manual of how to use all 4 products which included in SOS BOX. The viewers can learn how to use 4 products properly and earn positive impressions of the product.

  • Interpretive Intro to sell Product Benfit

    The movie starts with interpretive intro scenes that explain overall benefits of the product and followed by body contents with direct usage. With colorful objects and motions, it explains how SOS BOX solves various skin troubles visually.

  • Feature Description Scenario with Step by Step Process

    Thanks to the Q&A session with client prior to the storyboard making, we were able to start the work with wide understanding of products usage. It helped reducing the changes of the scenario and focusing on the quality of visuals in results.

  • Introduction of Ctrl-A Product Lineup

    Ctrl-A Product lineup was also introduced. The lineup is composed of before care and after care and it was designed for viewers to catch various products at a glance and also through timeline animation.

  • Stylish Illustration for 4 Products and Usage

    From sanitizing to protection patch, the 4 products for 4 steps were explained visually with stylish illustration. It helped consumers to understand how to use each products easily. Beautiful illustrations also creates positive impressions to stories on skin troubles such as acne and black heads.

How to use the product, Dr.jart Ctrl + A SOS Box.
This page image is an illustration of the Dr.jart Ctrl + A SOS Box


Dr.jart Ctrl+ A SOS BOX Product Movie



Yoo, Hyejin - Project Manager / Marketing

Park, Heesu - Planner

Kim, Taeyong - Designer

Jung, Seungwoo - Motion

Kim, Hyoshin - Motion