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Fusing cutting-edge technology with craftsmanship Dacor

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  • Website
  • Mobile Site
  • Digital Content
  • Korean Copywriting


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We developed the Korean work and brand site for Dacor, an American luxury kitchen appliance brand acquired by Samsung Electronics. We show how Dacor combines cutting-edge technology with craftsmanship by introducing its modernist collection, and connecting the overall tone in the website we maximized the feeling of luxury. Additionally, through lifestyle images we were able to introduce Dacor’s range of kitchen appliances, like the built-in refrigerator, smart oven, and more, and show how well it matches with surrounding furniture.

  • A website design with product visuals in mind

    Dacor selected its graphite stainless steel to represent the “truly premium.” We designed the website to maximize the product’s luxurious black color and make Dacor naturally stand out.

  • Intuitive website functionality

    The site was created for ease of use, so visitors intuitively see brand introductions and product collections, as well as product information. We focused on product material and details through large photos and various lifestyle images.


Fusing cutting-edge technology with craftsmanship



Bang, Dongwook - Chief Creative director

Bak, Gyeongsu - Project Manager

Ahn, Dawon - Project Manager

Choi, Seoyoung - Planner

Lee, Suheon - Creative director

Choi, Bomi - Art director

Kim, Chaebeen - Designer

Chang, Mijin - Designer

Lee, Gaeun - Designer

Lee, Gyeongyeon - Designer

Choi, Jungmin - Designer

Jo, Hyewon - Designer

Choi, Inhan - Developer

Gong, Ahreum - Developer

Im, Taejun - Photographic

Jung, Sooyoon - Korean Copywriting

COOMS VISUAL - Film Production