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D.FY Portfolio SK telecom Cloudberry KV

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SK Telecom Personal Cloud Service Project. Growing out of the existing ’T cloud’ service comes all new CLOUDBERRY. A cloud service that creates a better experience for users shouldn’t just store and manage your content—it should also address the issues of device sharing and integration, not to mention privacy. To this end CLOUDBERRY implements a service that enables use of a web/app/PC client in different environments.

  • User-focused Content Storage And Management

    Cloudberry’s service can consolidate the photographs saved on a user’s mobile device and their Cloudberry account by simply collecting them all together just once. It’s easy to neatly organize content by auto-saving files according to data type. Cloudberry was designed to enable bookmarking of favorite files and folders to the Landmark Area via its configurable home, folder, and gallery screens for quickly accessing content.

  • Club For Sharing With Family and Friends

    The inclusion of the Club menu makes it possible to share music, video, photos and other content with whomever the user chooses. Content saved to Cloudberry can easily and comfortably be shared without reducing user storage capacity.

  • Phone Data With Enhanced Utilization Of Mobile Cloud

    We created a phone data menu that gives the user the ability to continue using Cloudberry seamlessly when changing service provider or smartphone. Save most recent data once and store only the desired data to use on the replacement device. Cloudberry gives users the ability to transfer perfectly old smartphone data—address book, messages, call history, schedule, app list, device settings and other important information—to a new smartphone.

  • Ensure Total Privacy For Online Data

    A password must be entered by the user in order to access the hidden folder storage space. Neither the folder list nor history will display your hidden data to keep sensitive files secure until such time as the user chooses to disable the password. The user can securely save sensitive files and pictures in the hidden folder with the assurance that they will never be revealed.

  • Works With A Variety Of Devices And Usage Environments.

    To create an improved user experience we went as far as to construct a web/app (Android/iOS) and PC client server that makes it possible to manage all the content saved across the user’s mobile and PC devices from one place.

  • A Brand Identity Leader Amongst Cloud Service Providers

    Branding and logo type were applied to the brand identity based on the type of service Cloudberry provides. Other cloud service providers typically use blue in their branding so we applied the real cloudberry orange color to help the client stand out in the crowd. We also created a simplified logo using the forms of a cloudberry and a cloud.

SK telecom Cloudberry interface folder feature
SK telecom Cloudberry interface Back-up feature
SK telecom Cloudberry interface Share feature
SK telecom Cloudberry interface Personality folder feature
Web and App SK telecom Cloudberry overview image




SK techx


Jung, Miri - Project Manager

Bak, Gyeongsu - Planner

Park, Jongho - Planner

Lim, Jiyoon - Planner

Choi, Seoyoung - Planner

Gwon, Soongyu - Designer

Lim, Eunjung - Designer

Co, Ennbyurl - Designer

Lee, Namjun - Designer

Jeon, Boyoung - Designer

Yeo, Gimin - Designer

Kang, Byeonghwan - Developer

Park, Jinkyung - Developer

Choi, Yoonjung - Developer

Park, Gyutae - Developer

Kwon, Haesung(SK Telecom)

Yoon, Youngran(SK Telecom)

Cha, Seungjin(SK techx) - Developer

SK Telecom Cloudberry