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CJ Group/Recruit Renewal

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  • Digital PR
  • Brand Campaign
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The CJ Group has many things to show and tell visitors to their official website regarding the numerous brands and businesses in the CJ family. With that in mind, the target of this website renewal project was to establish the ‘how’ of assembling a unified ‘Look & Feel’ for the CJ Group’s incredibly diverse family of businesses and brands.

With the phrase “Create a hub for CJ’s brand storytelling” as a goal and acknowledging the various corporate images in existence, the objective was to bring the content of each configuration into alignment with one another and ultimately create a singular ‘CJ Brand voice’. Starting from a somewhat unconventional design we set out to convey the various stories of CJ via a new corporate website carrying the slogan ‘The business setting the trend of Korean Culture’.

  • Consumer Friendly(Experience)

    It was not enough to simply make a site that looks beautiful. Site contents were arranged with the aim of creating organic connections. The message CJ wants to convey should be conveyed as site visitors seek out information. Also it is important to avoid showing the site visitor unnecessary information that could put them off from using the site. For visitors interested in particular content a new menu was included that makes it possible to view more detailed articles by individual theme.

  • Leading Edge(Funtion/Image)

    We conveyed the feeling of a large script by employing a divided page layout of unique form relying on active use of video and content, not just an eye catching script. A detailed script was implemented to create a sense of segmented layout in order to maximize the message and feeling of ‘taking initiative’ creating a strong first impression from the all-important first page. Also, in order to make the site ‘float’ as much as possible we arranged and added in an analog element to create an element of fun across the whole site.

  • Premium&Trendy(Tone&Manner)

    Images provided by entertainment and media groups were of very high quality, but usable images for the food and restaurant section were very limited. From the moment work on this project commenced, we made sure that the overall tone and manners was of a the highest ilk and ‘hip’ to the latest trends in the industry through photographing and synthesizing each object thus balance the overall tone and manner of the content.

  • Outstanding

    In general, web pages introducing groups with content not likely to be of particular interest to anybody other than partner companies or job seekers have a somewhat lackluster, serious and sombre feel about them. In this renewal, the typically dull content of group introduction pages was re-designed so users could easily scroll down the page to acquire the important corporate information without visual distraction. This was achieved with careful positioning of larger images and implementation of interactive features on the page.

CJ group website overview image
Image related to magazine contents in CJ Group website.
This is the image associated with introducing the brand in CJ Group website.
This is the image related to introducing the brand VIPS in CJ Group website.
This is the image related to introducing the brand Tous Les Jours in CJ Group website.
This is the image of the company introduction in the CJ Group website.
This is an image related to the introduction of the affiliates within the CJ Group site.
This is an image related to the introduction of global companies within CJ Group's website.


CJ Group/Recruit Renewal




Kim, Wheekyoung - Project Manager

Park, Misun - Planner

Lee, Huseung - Planner

Kim, Jeeyun - Planner

Song, Jiyoung - Designer

Choi, Wonjun - Designer

Lee, Hyeonseon - Designer

Kwak, Yoonji - Designer

Choi, Inhan - Developer

Choi, Yoonjung - Developer

Kim, Boyeon - Developer

Yang, Yongsu(BLUEGRAM) - Project Manager

Kang, Namyeong(BLUEGRAM) - Developer

CJ Group