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CJ HealthCare —

Heal the World, Create a Better Life CJ HealthCare

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CJ Healthcare is a company that steadily launches pharmaceuticals, R&D and Health/Beauty Drinks. Our goal was to minimize the amount of customers who leave the CJ Healthcare site. The website visitors originate from many different fields, such as health professionals, medical experts, and the general public. Therefore, we analyzed and referred the data extracted from Google Analytics, and discovered that the contact between the purpose of users visiting and the moment they leave the website was browsing. Through the strategic SEO operation and construction of Linked Contents UX, we were able to enhance the user residence time and contents consumption.

CJ Healthcare site Overview page
CJ Healthcare Search Function image
CJ Healthcare History image
CJ Healthcare’s Global Business image
Mobile version images for CJ Healthcare site
This images are CJ Healthcare's history, research, and development
This is CJ Healthcare company introduction, Representative’s greeting, Product Research
Mobile Version images for CJ Healthcare site
CJ Healthcare’s Condition product page
CJ Healthcare’s hutgaesoo product page
CJ Healthcare ginseng and lactic acid bacteria product page
CJ Healthcare’s Condition product detailed page
CJ Healthcare’s hutgaesoo product detailed page
Mobile version images for CJ Healthcare’s ginseng and lactic acid bacteria, Condition, Hutgaesoo page


Heal the World, Create a Better Life





Moon, Heesoo - Project Manager/ Plan

Hwang, Ilmin- Planner

Yoo, Eunsun- Planner

Choi, Bomi - Designer

Lee, Namjun - Designer

Bae, Haerim - Designer

Choi, Yoonjung- Developer

Park, Gyutae - Developer

Gong, Ahreum - Developer

Sung, Patrick - Developer

Yang, Yongsu(BLUEGRAM) - Developer

Kang, Namyeong(BLUEGRAM) - Developer

Heo, Sonyeong(BLUEGRAM) - Developer

CJ healthcare