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Btv mobile App Renewal

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio Btv KV

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  • Mobile Application


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Renewal project to reflect design trends The Btv mobile application renewal project reconstructed the main screen and enhanced GUI to look like a brand new application for user. The intuitive interface provides new user's experience than previous mobile TV.

  • Affordance design to induce user's natural behavior

    It composed the considering the user's natural behavior pattern where they shouldn't have to find a way in the lot of content and information.

  • Easy control based on intuitive hand gestures

    By scrolling right/left to operated the Time seek function and scrolling up/down adjusted volume and screen brightness.The Btv mobile application designed with most natural UI that considered intuitive hand gestures.

  • Emphasizing Brand Identity

    Applying the simple layout with the B tv's CI color, it enhanced the brand identity than previous version.

Btv App
Btv App interface and icon images
Btv App interface images


Btv mobile App Renewal



Jeong, Youngsuk - Project Manager/Plan

Kang, Sungyu- Planner

Oh, Hyunjung - Planner

Kim, Taeyong - Designer

Jung, Eunji - Designer

Park, Gyutae - Developer