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Asiana Airlines —

Exceptional Flight Experience A350

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D.FY Portfolio Asiana A350 KV

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Asiana Airlines attempted to make a decisive challenge with the introduction of the A350 and its subsequent publicity campaigns. This is not only for advancing the operation of medium long-range routes, but also to change its publicity method to implementing online activities rather than the prior offline activities. We started by allowing the customers to obtain acceptable information regarding the A350 on the website. We constructed the website to ensure that the customer can explore inside of the A350 aircraft by applying the concept of "the exceptional online flight experience." Along with a number of attractive interacting elements, we visualized information about the A350. Also, we provided the users with intrigue and an immersive experience and easy acquisition of information through using the interface based on scrolling.

PC and Mobile version images for Asiana A350 site
Asiana A350 overview page image
The page that describes the Business smartium of Asiana A350
The Detailed page that describes the Business smartium of Asiana A350
The page that describes the Asiana A350
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Exceptional Flight Experience



Moon, Heesoo - Project Manager/ Plan

Kim, Yuhyun - Planner

Park, Hyerin - Planner

Lee, Yeongran - Designer

Lee, Hyunjin - Designer

Lee, Namjun - Designer

Jung, Dayeong - Designer

Jung, Sunghwa - Developer

Kim, Jumi - Developer

Asiana A350