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Antenna Official Website Renewal In 2015 Antenna Music, changed its name to Antenna and newly defined the companies brand identity. Antenna launched a new website along with a new message hoping to inspire and draw response to it’s new slogan, ‘Hello, Antenna’. Without losing the original spirit of the company, Antenna are now focusing their energy towards creating an official space where artists and fans can interact.

  • Content-driven Brand Website

    The simplest and most basic categories were given classification to make it easy for users to easily grasp the content held by the record label. This was focused on succinct expression of Antenna’s goal and message through content and also general simplifications to help provide users with only the things that they need. Also by placing all different kinds of content on the mainpage—similar to a social curation service—we could give users the joy of discovering content via a single scrolling action.

PC and Mobile ANTENNA overview image
ANTENNA site menu image
This Page image of the artist's album content on the ANTENNA site.
This Page image of the artist in the ANTENNA site.
This Page of the artist's detailed page in the ANTENNA site.
Detailed page image that describes the Brand Identity in the antenna site.
Image of the page that lets you view the contents of artists in the antenna site.


Hello Antenna



Kim, Sejeong - Project Manager / Plan

Gwon, Soongyu - Designer

Park, Hwaju - Developer

Ryu, Chiseong - Developer

Min, Hyekyung - Developer

ANTENNA Representative image