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Innovative Multi Concept Store ALAND

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio ALAND KV

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  • eCommerce
  • Web/Mobile Site
  • Mobile Application


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ALAND is a shopping brand with the vision of growing in line with young rising brands. It is presented through various platforms and allows customers to buy suitable products. ALAND wanted to maintain its offline experiences via online operations along with advancing its exceptional value.After understanding the purchasing patterns in customers' shopping, we minimized the length of the purchasing journey. Furthermore, to enhance the number of customers visiting the ALAND website, we arranged promotions to be presented on the main page and reorganized the user interface structures for different devices. The website has now become a place where customers can experience a sound shopping experience that embraces sensitive purchasing.

    ALAND site overview image
    Mobile version image for ALAND site
    ALAND site overview image
    ALAND site overview image
    ALAND site overview image
    ALAND Brand Identity page
    Icons for ALAND site


    Innovative Multi Concept Store


    FORBIZ KOREA - Partners


    Lee, Hamin - Project Manager/ Plan

    Ahn, Dawon - Planner

    Lee, Eunji - Planner

    Kang, Seongyu - Planner

    Lee, Suheon - Designer

    Jung, Eunji - Designer

    Bae, Jiyoon - Designer

    Kang, Byeonghwan - Developer

    Moon, Jeongman(FORBIZ KOREA) - Project Manager/ Plan

    Kim, Gyuseung(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer

    Kim, Jeonghun(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer

    Jeong, Seonjeong(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer

    Lee, Saerom(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer

    Hong, Jinyeong(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer

    Park, Yunseo(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer

    Kwon, Byeonghui(FORBIZ KOREA) - Developer