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A smart device for kids and parents AKI

Project Summary

D.FY Portfolio, Naverlabs AKI

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  • UX Consulting
  • Website
  • Video Content


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AKI is a kid-friendly smartwatch that not only befriends curious kids, but also sympathizes with concerned parents. It follows kids on their daily routine and lets parents know situations in real time with enhanced features—such as call, text, voice recognition, AI, low-power mode, and more— integrated in a small watch. So we asked ourselves how we could introduce such a smart device.

  • A design for kids that is both safe and interactive

    The circle-themed page represents safety and conveys the meaning of the products through strategically placed content. The design plays off of the product’s main color scheme and overflows with energy and individuality. Then with 3D modeling and animation, it comes to life.

  • Multi-use videos to boost new product knowledge

    We conceived and created videos to help increase consumer understanding and knowledge of new products. Though the website utilizes the videos within its design, these one source, multi-use videos can be repurposed with different formats.

Naverlabs AKI site PC and mobile version
Naverlabs AKI product
Naverlabs AKI position recognition function
Child with Naverlabs AKI
Naverlabs AKI AI
The child is asking Naverlabs AKI in a voice.
The image of mother and child contacting Naverlabs AKI
Naverlabs AKI Product Design
Introduction to AKI Site Interaction of Naverlabs
Naverlabs AKI site mobile screen
Naverlabs AKI Product Features Security and Waterproof
Naverlabs AKI Product Feature Focus Mode and Wireless Charging
Naverlabs AKI Product Images
Naverlabs AKI Product Design and Reason for Birth


A smart device for kids and parents AKI

Innocean WorldWide


Partners: M2e mediaworks

Partners: Lee Jungeun


Lee, Pulip - Project Manager

Park, Jinjoo - Planner

Song, Jiyoung - Art director

Kwon, Junghee - Designer

Park, Joeun - Designer

Lee, Jungsoo - Designer

Park, Gunyoung - Motion

Kim, Chuljoong - Creative Developer

Jeon, Sohyeon - Developer

Naverlabs AKI movie