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The third beginning of D.FY. —

The D.FY you know, but better. DEFY THE CURRENT.

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  • The third beginning of D.FY.

    This renewal is a look back to 2011, to a philosophy that requires tremendous thought and effort. Beautiful and innovative designs are not created by simply following trends, as trends constantly change to reflect the ideas of a new generation. So instead, we present unique technology and inspiration and lay the foundations for our brand’s sustainability, as we aim to become a platform for experimenting with new ideas.

  • D.FY is very different from when we first began in 2011. From 3 people to over 100, D.FY has worked with a variety of people on many types of projects. To help each other grow, we knew we needed new ideas, insights, and experiences. Whether in design, UI/UX, or marketing, we put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes. Then as a group, we share our insights on consumer thoughts and behavior, ultimately inspiring one another.

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  • As we moved forward these past 8 years, we created results with only D.FY's voice and values. With this new start, our design and operations will match our direction. Many agencies plan and design for clients; but the truth is, we are able to give our all when our interests align with the brand. Nevertheless, we will try to free ourselves from restraints and 'begin again' to reach what D.FY is truly pursuing.

  • There a few changes you'll see with our website renewal.

  • First, a sustainable model.

    On our previous site, it was difficult to share D.FY news and updates. But thanks to that experience, this time we were able to make a clear, efficient way to maintain our website - even down to the tiniest details. We reflected on the lessons learned and took the time to think about where we could improve. This website renewal gave us the opportunity to determine and implement the kind of processes we need.

  • Second, a new logo.

    As D.FY grows and moves forward, we need an image that changes with us. Originally conceived to consolidate our 'DEFY THE CURRENT' tagline, our logo journey began with D, then moved to D.FY, and finally to 'DEFY THE CURRENT'. Now we have created a new type of logo that proudly shows our brand identity.

D.FY logo
  • Third, new projects.

    Along with the website renewal, we have reorganized our portfolio and the work that has brought us to this point. It's full of projects that went above and beyond and also those that fell short. But whether a success or misstep, each one has helped lay the foundations for our growth. Though we originally wanted to share our work with many people, it was unfortunately limited to occasional posts on Facebook. With this new start, we look forward to sharing all of our work with you.

D.FY site in Tablet pc
  • Finally, the personalities that make up D.FY.

    D.FY's growth is driven by people moving forward together. So it seems only natural to shift the focus of the website towards the ones behind it all. But rather than simply showing off our team to the world, we wanted to reinforce a sense of belonging and fellowship. We are all ordinary people, but each person has their own ideas, their own personalities, and the ability to create extraordinary results. We may be different, but we are walking down the same path. At D.FY, we will not only grow as 'us', but in 'our' own way.

People page on the D.FY website
  • A new beginning for D.FY.

    With a reconfigured system and platform in place, we are ready to get started. But we are not only dedicated to updating you on everything D.FY, we are utilizing our past experiences to create efficient solutions for the work we do. Now, we are focusing on increasing our competitive edge.

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D.FYMay 10, 2018


The third beginning of D.FY.

The D.FY you know, but better. DEFY THE CURRENT.

Computer and DEFY THE CURRENT Website